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Android Tablets

Android tablets are fully supported using a Google Play Store application. Search and download the application using the term "Door Tablet"

The following devices are supported:

  1. Android tablets from version 4.1 and up
  2. Tested on Samsung Galaxy Tabs 2/3/4/A/S/E
  3. Tested on ASUS

Power and Networking solutions
  1. Full PoE readily available
  2. Power may only be supplied through the use of splitters
  3. Networking is both wired and Wi-Fi
  4. Enclosures may be supplied from a variety of makers
  5. Power splitters and PoE may be embedded in some enclosure designs

  1. Home button may not be left exposed
  2. Enclosures need to hide the buttons on the chassis (otherwise additional software is required).
  3. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is recommended. Software available from a variety of vendors
  4. Install two additional applications for the purpose of auto restart and power management

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (low stock, line ended)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung Galaxy Tab A - recommended