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Apple iOS

Door Tablet runs as a native application on iOS. As such you need to configure your tablet to ensure access to the tablet is controlled.


  1. Reduce power consumption
  2. Increase tablet life span, in particular the screen
  3. Improve management of the devices

On the iPad platform we can achieve some of the above objectives. We cannot turn the tablet fully off at the end of the day but we can turn the screen off. In the morning, the screens have to be touched in order to resume the application. There is no need to open the enclosures.

To achieve this you need to click on Settings/ General/ Accessibility:

Tap on Guided Access:

Activate Guided Access and set a passcode:

Final steps
  1. Launch Door Tablet
  2. Set the display to the correct meeting space
  3. Triple click on the Home button to engage Guided Access