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The Door Tablet EPS offers an easy to maintain and deploy architecture.

VIDEO: Using the Door Tablet EPS Controller

The following applies:

  1. Epaper devices, or dongles, are read only
  2. Dongles do not have an operating system such as Android
  3. The dongles are controlled, maintained and updated by the Door Tablet EPS Controller
  4. The Controller runs on a dedicated Android device, the Door Tablet ABX2
  5. The ABX2 runs our Android app and this app connects to the Door Tablet server
  6. Communication between the Door Tablet ABX2, running the Door Tablet EPS Controller, and the dongles, uses Bluetooth
  7. Each controller may support up to 20 dongles each
  8. The Door Tablet EPS Controller opens a neighbourhood of rooms or desks in order to decide what dongles it manages
  9. Dongles are identified by a Controller using the dongle's MAC address
  10. Each record in Door Tablet lists the MAC address it should be bound by
  11. MAC addresses must be unique on the system
  12. You can view the MAC address of a dongle by pressing on buttons 1 and 2 at the same time

The Door Tablet EPS Controller runs on the Door Tablet ABX2
The Door Tablet ABX2 is small in dimensions and can be placed anywhere. It is light and easy to deploy, smaller than an iPhone and requires little power. To read more about the device follow this link: