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Audio Alerts

From Door Tablet 7.5.1, you may generate sounds that signify the impending end of a meeting. These use a speaker you install in a meeting space. The purpose of this feature is to ensure that meetings end on time so that follow-on meetings begin on time.

Door Tablet will generate sounds as follows:

  1. Ten minutes before meeting ends - two beeps
  2. Five minutes before meeting ends - four beeps
  3. One minute before meeting ends - six beeps

Enabling the beeps
Note: this feature is currently available on Android tablets only. Other platforms may be added following requests.

Follow these steps:
  1. Obtain a Bluetooth speaker (circa $10)
  2. Pair the speaker with the tablet. If you use a pair of tablets in a meeting space configuration, you may use either the internal or the external tablet
  3. Test the speaker by playing media or a YouTube video

Enable beeps in the Door Tablet App:

You are now ready to start the app and ensure that meetings end on time.

Sample Bluetooth speaker, real life size:$_12.JPG