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Auto Resume

From V4.1 of Door Tablet, you can set up any client side application, Tablet or browser, to resume where it last left. This is useful when you set the application to start automatically when power is resumed by the client device.

How resume works:

  1. Open Door Tablet on the client
  2. Login to the server
  3. Check the "Resume Display when Restarting"
  4. Open a Meeting space display, a schedule display or welcome display

Enabling Auto Resume

Tap "Local Settings":

The following pop-up will appear, tick "Auto Resume":

When the client is restarted, and Door Tablet is starting, the display will automatically resume to the correct display. The process ensures that:
  1. The last display is used
  2. Any branding or translations are used
  3. Security features are adhered to

What will you see on the screen
  1. Door Tablet will tell you it is restarting. You have 3 seconds to stop it if you wish to abort the automation
  2. The screen will go blank for a few seconds and the display will resume
  3. Schedules will be automatically updated

The following conditions will prevent resumption
  1. The server is no longer listed
  2. Meeting space is no longer listed
  3. Key code for the server has changed
  4. IP Addresses conflict with the allowed range
  5. A neighborhood is no longer listed