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From Door Tablet V8, the server supports selected implementations of Axxerion. Before you try Door Tablet with Axxerion you must enquire if your implementation is supported. If it is not, such implementation may be provided with Axxerion assistance. Please check with us first.

Connect to Axxerion
Door Tablet provides all its functions while connected to the Axxerion platform. Implementation of Axxerion's Door Tablet interface must be validated prior to any connection attempts. All the Door Tablet client and server functions are available on the platform.

Note: it may be possible to implement the interface in an Read Only mode first. At this implementation level all functions to create and modify meetings are disabled.

You will need to fill in the fields seen below. These fields will be provided to you by Axxerion, these will be specific to your implementation and will be validated by Door Tablet staff.

Once the fields are field in, click on "Check Connection to Axxerion". If all is well you will see the meeting spaces available in your implementation.

Note: if your implementation of Axxerion includes IP connection restrictions, the Door Tablet server IP will need to be added to the range of allowed hosts.

Synch your Axxerion Rooms into Door Tablet
To start using Door Tablet with Axxerion you will need to bring your meeting spaces into Door Tablet.

Meeting spaces will be automatically created in Door Tablet. The function will create each meeting space as Active and you will see the following three fields:
  1. Key - although this field is editable you should not change it
  2. Location - you may change this value
  3. Name - you may change this value

You may now open the server on the Door Tablet clients, of all kinds, and interface with Axxerion.