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Change HTTP Ports

When you run the Door Tablet server on a PC that runs another HTTP server you may need to change the default ports Door Tablet is using.

Changing the ports the HTTP server is listening on is possible in two ways:

    1. If the Web UI is on by disabling the other HTTP task you can do so via the dashboard.  Look for "Other Setup" and then "Ports".
    2. If the Web UI cannot run because the ports are used then you can use a command line option.  See more below.

Using a command line option
    1. If you are running the server as a service you will need to stop the service and disable it from starting automatically.  Please go to Windows Services, look for the Door Tablet Server and set it to Disabled and stop the server.  You can set it back to Automatic when done
    2. Launch the server again - you need to run it as a normal terminal application and not as a service when prompted
    3. Once the server finished loading (should take 20 seconds), you are ready to issue a console command.  See below.
    4. When you issue the command the HTTP task will restart and show you if it was able to start and is not in conflict with other ports
    5. If the HTTP task has not started because it was not running in the first instance, you can start it yourself by typing: load http
    6. If all seems OK and there are no complaints of conflicts etc, stop the server by typing the letter Q and hitting return
    7. You are now ready to enable the service and start it again.
    8. Your Web UI should be ready to access

Issue console command to change ports
At the server console, type the following:

tell doortablet httpset 82 445

What this say is: tell the Door Tablet task to change the HTTP ports to 82 for HTTP and 445 for HTTPS.  For additional commands see here: Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Console Command'