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Data usage

This document describes the data that is exchanged between the Domino server running the Resource Reservation system and the Door Tablet system.

The first data that is passed between the systems is the list of meeting spaces you have registered on the Domino system. Door Tablet will read the Domino directory and creates entries into a Door Tablet database. When you change a room on the Domino Resource Reservation you will need to synchronise with Door Tablet again. A single button click will do the job. The following changes in the Domino directory require that you synchronise:

  1. Creating meeting spaces in Door Tablet for the first time
  2. Adding or removing meeting spaces in the Directory
  3. Updating meeting space fields in the Directory: AutoProcessType and MailFile. Note: AutoProcessType must be set to "0" (Owner Restrictions = -none-)
  4. Changing location or meeting space names
Note: Door Tablet does not modify your meeting spaces in any way.
Reservations are created in the Resource Reservation database by Domino. If you have enabled tablet-based bookings, reservations will be created by Door Tablet as well.

The following is performed by Door Tablet:
  1. Read reservations - this the main activity
  2. Create reservations - starting at the present time
  3. Extend reservations- if possible and requested by the tablets (if enabled)
  4. Terminate reservations - if requested by the tablets (if enabled)
  5. Automatically terminate reservations - if check-in did not take place (if enabled)
Note: for each reservation Door Tablet tracks check-in status, welcome messages and so on, but without affecting actual reservations.
When using the API, the actions offered by it also affect reservations. The API require that an additional view is created in the Resource Reservation database. No other changes are required.

Web UI
When using the Web UI, Door Tablet creates data on your Domino Directory for the purpose of authentication, if users are not already listed on the directory.

All other data and functions offered by Door Tablet are confined to the Door Tablet databases.