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Devices Setup

When designing a deployment of ePaper devices you can mix the following displays:
  1. Meeting Rooms
  2. Hot Desks
  3. Personal Displays
VIDEO: Using the Door Tablet EPS Controller


VIDEO: Creating Neighbourhoods

To bring them all together we use a Door Tablet neighbourhood. The Door Tablet EPS Controller opens a neighbourhood you created and handles all the spaces within it. In order to be able to open the EPS Controller for a particular neighbourhood you must create a Settings records and fill in the following fields below:

Associating a display with an ePaper dongle
Each space you wish to use must be associated with a unique dongle identity, using the dongle MAC address. You can find the MAC address of a display when you open the box for the first time or, if you press button 1+2.

When you see the MAC address you may use a barcode scanner on your phone to get the codes. There are other ways in which to get the MAC address, discussed later.

Inserting the MAC address to a space record

Note: please note that the device model and the template you use must match.