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Digital Signage

Door Tablet displays may be integrated with Digital Signage systems that meets the following criteria:
  1. Run a modern HTML5 Web-Kit
  2. JavaScript is fully enabled
  3. Can invoke a URL

When configuring your Digital Signage system you will need a URL for a screen region. Door Tablet will generate the URL for you. When the Digital Signage system initializes, the URL is invoked and the Door Tablet server responds automatically, and displays the content for you. Note: this does not apply to interactive displays.

Follow these steps:
  1. Using the Web UI, open one of the meeting space lists view
  2. Open a neighborhood settings document. If one does not exist for your group of meeting spaces, create one
  3. Fill in the form
  4. Navigate down to "URL Invocation"
  5. Set-up the URL by filling in the fields
  6. A URL will be created for you
  7. Save the form
Note: if you are working locally the domain or IP may be the wrong one and may not be visible outside the local machine. Always use the remote address for the server host.
For example, the screen shot below shows the URL the system generates:

You are now ready to use one of the URLs. Note: you can use the short form URL and add parameters to the call. For example, if you wish to open the same neighborhood from different displays and just use alternative setting (for example, the page of an Airport Display), specify individual parameters instead of relying on the above fields.

You may also invoke a single display in a similar manner: