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Enable APIs Access

Once your resources in Google Workspace are ready, you will need to enable API Access to these. The Door Tablet server uses Google Workspace API to access data in your resources on your behalf.

General Steps

  1. Creating a "Door Tablet" project in the Google Developers Console that will facilitate the connection between your Door Tablet server and the Google Workspace servers
  2. Sharing the room calendars with an account email thus allowing Door Tablet to see these calendars

Creating a Door Tablet project to facilitate API Access
  1. Go to:
  2. Login
  3. Create a project and name it Door Tablet, like so:

Project created...

Once created, click on the project name. We will now need to enable the Calendar API.

Scroll down to the Google Calendar API and click on OFF to turn it ON. Repeat the action for Gmail API. In the image below the APIs are enabled.

Note: Repeat the same for the Gmail API

You should see the following APIs, at least: