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Enable RFID hardware

With Door Tablet 7.7 you may enable NFC functionality on the Door Tablet AIO or AIO-h hardware. Note: if a meeting space or cluster is already licensed, the resource must also be licensed for AIO. Once your device is AIO enabled, NFC and other functions will be available.

When you run the Door Tablet client on the AIO, you will see the following:

and checking NFC:

Enable NFC on your hardware
Follow these steps to enable NFC on your AIO device.

Stop Auto Play, if enabled, and tap on Settings:

Tap "Advanced Settings":

Tap on "More":

Enable NFC:

Checking that Door Tablet AIO is Activated
When you license a device, an AIO activation is required and will be provided with your device (at no extra cost). To validate that your AIO is enabled touch the info icon.