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From V9.0.12 of Door Tablet, you can use the standard system in Exhibitions to provide a real sense of a busy meeting environment. The core of this functionality is the ability to make random bookings that look real. You will have full control over the features.

The following applies:

  1. Currently supported on Microsoft platforms, Exchange and Microsoft 365. Other platforms may be added on request
  2. May run automatically or manually, on demand
  3. Run on a collection of rooms which you decide on. This allows you to generate meetings in many resources at once, but exclude a "real" meeting space you can reserve for guests
  4. Meetings are created for today and for rooms that do not have meetings in them to begin with

You control the following aspects:
  1. Neighborhood of rooms to be used
  2. Time range, for first meeting start and last meeting end
  3. Names and emails of hosts and invitees
  4. Duration of meetings and gaps between meetings
  5. Subjects of meetings - so make these applicable to your show

Activate the Exhibitors feature in the system profile
Note: you will see this check box only if you use the supporting technologies

Once you check the box above and submit, the top menu will change. Click on Exhibitors:

This reveals the following form:

Fill the Exhibitors form
  1. Select a Location/Neighborhood
  2. Click on the buttons for initial values
  3. Modify the values as you see fit
  4. Submit the form

  1. The number of names must match the number of email address entries
  2. You must submit the form before you can use any of the action buttons
  3. When you enable automation, meeting creation and clean up takes place at 8AM

Your form should look like this:

Do not include a room you intend to use for real bookings as it will be filled with automated meetings.

Functions are safe to run, but they could delete real meetings if a room you designate for such meeting is included in the Neighborhood you use, and you force a delete:

Results of actions will show here: