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Hardware Setup

The Door Tablet EPS configuration is easy to set up.

VIDEO: Using the Door Tablet EPS Controller

The Door Tablet EPS Controller runs on the Door Tablet ABX2. The hardware must be ready for the software to work correctly. The following steps are required for a successful deployment:

Order the following hardware

  1. Door Tablet ABX2 - you may need more than one, depending on your floor plan
  2. Communication Arrays - USB Hub with Bluetooth Dongles and a protective box. Each array may include up to four dongles. Each ABX2 can connect to two Communication Arrays
  3. Door Table EP4 or EP7 displays
  4. LIR2450 batteries - chargeable. The quantity depends on the number of devices, EP4 or EP7, you have purchase. EP4 has four while the EP7 has 6 batteries. Add 20% extra batteries.
  5. Battery charger - you can charge up to 8 batteries at the same time.
  6. Barcode scanner - use the scanner to record MAC addresses into the Door Tablet display records

Door Tablet ABX2
This hardware run the Door Tablet EPS Controller software. It obtains schedules and updates the displays via Bluetooth. The device connects to your network over TCP/IP and connects to the server like any other Door Tablet application.

Communication Array
To the above Door Tablet ABX2 we attach a communication array. The array is made of three of components:
  1. A USB Hub - this will connect to one of the USB sockets in the ABX2. It comes with one meter long cable allowing you to place the ABX2 away and ensure the communication array has open access to local devices
  2. Bluetooth dongles. The minimum package we offer is two dongles with maximum four
  3. A protective box holds all the items together, protected from dust and disconnection while maintaining good communication with the displays on the floor.

The above components are supplied as a package ready to be installed:

Door Table EP4 and/or Door Tablet EP7

LIR2450 batteries - chargeable
The chargeable batteries are LIR2450. The none chargable are CR2450

Charger for the LIR2450
If you purchase chargeable batteries a charger is required.

Note: It takes around 3 hours or less to charge empty batteries

Barcode Scanner
To connect a space to a device you must enter the device MAC address to the space record. The process is simple: place the cursor in the field and scan the device Barcode,