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Door Tablet SIGNS offers a comprehensive digital signage system that integrates well with the traditional workspace signage.

The Door Tablet SIGNS system is a cloud base solution. It offers many features, including:

  1. Create rich displays
  2. Create playlists of displays
  3. Use our players to display your playlists on large screens on your premises
  4. Mix SIGNS content with meeting schedule contents, using Door Tablet wayfinding URLs

First steps
To get going with SIGNS follow these steps:
  1. Obtain credentials for access to Contact your account manager or email
  2. Login to SIGNS and design your content feeds. See more in Creating Content
  3. Obtain a Door Tablet ABX. See more here:
  4. Down load and install the SIGNS App on the Door Tablet ABX
  5. Launch the content you created in the SIGNS App

SIGNS Login screen