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When using Door Tablet, you have the ability to choose what language you want to operate in. We currently support the following languages, built-in:
    1. English
    2. Nederlands
    3. Français
    4. Deutsch
    5. Portuguesa
    6. Español
    7. العربية
    8. עברית
    9. Suomalainen
    10. Svenska
    11. Pусский
    12. 中文
    13. Italiano
    14. Polskie
    15. ไทย
    16. Română
    17. Tiếng Việt
    18. Slovák
    19. 日本語
    20. हिन्दी

Note: English is the default language. Language support is only provided for door displays and TV displays, not admin. Other languages may be added on demand. Please send an email to requesting the language you require. Some meeting spaces automatically come up in a different language to English due to their location.

Note about UNICODE
When submitting text in UNICODE language, you will need to run the Door Tablet as a Web application.

The following screen shots are examples of the meeting spaces that are automatically in a different language:

You can also set your own languages. Go to the room set-up and then to "Display Language":