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Large systems performance

Note: This feature is part of the Door Tablet Enterprise server.

From Door Tablet V8.4.5 we are introducing major performance improvements to the server. These improvements will have significant impact on Door Tablet clients too.


  1. When performing group schedules the server will now cache schedule results and refresh these every two minutes, if asked
  2. Cached schedules are shared amongst clients that require the schedule for the same group
  3. When schedules are cached no look ups are made to the scheduling system - this has a significant impact on server load
  4. When bookings are made from client devices (end-points), the groups in which they are members are refreshed in real-time
The above system is automatic

Meeting Space List Caching
When an organisation has a large number of meeting spaces, the meeting space list may take a long time to be retrieved. This may impact client restarts and add load to the server. The new caching system allows for the meeting space list extraction to be performed once, and then shared amongst all clients. As an administrator you need to turn this feature ON.

Open the system profile, go to "Misc Items, Data Clean up, Performance" and then look for "Performance..."

The following options are available:

Making changes to resources which you wish to have an immediate impact
When you use Meeting Space List Cache any changes you make to meeting spaces won't be used until the cache is refreshed. If you want your changes to have an immediate impact you will need to clear the cache.

Once you clear the cache on the server, it will be automatically recreated upon the first request.