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Microsoft 365 GCC High

From version 10.11.14 Door Tablet supports access to Microsoft 365 GCC High.

To enable GCC High connection do the following:

  1. Open the System Profile
  2. Select Microsoft 365 as your Microsoft Technology
  3. In the '365 GCC High' field select the end-point you wish to use
  4. As an option, select a Custom end-point by typing one in
  5. Test your setup and submit the form
VIDEO: Door Tablet and Microsoft 365 GCC High

Note: Since 365 GCC High does now allow the "spaces" Graph API call, resources must be added manually. This call would be used to automatically create spaces and its absence has no impact on the full operation of Door Tablet.

Select the value you wish to use:

If you wish to use a Custom end-point, select 'Custom end-point'

Test the setup. You should get this:

Submit the System Profile and continue as normal. You may now add resources in the Space view.

Creating rooms in Door Tablet from Microsoft 365 GCC High
For GCC High instances, usage of the Places API is disabled. Therefore, you will not be able to "Synchronise" your rooms with Door Tablet. To create room records in Door Tablet, do the following:

Now, click on + Space:

The Room form will appear. Fill the marked field:

You may now submit the record and open the room in your browser. Of course you can come back later and continue setting up the room business rules.