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You can monitor the operation of Door Tablet EPS in a number of areas:
  1. Verify that the EPS Controller is running
  2. Get alerts of components fail or when batteries are low
  3. Examine what is drawn on the display devices

Check EPS Controller is running

As is with other Door Tablet end-points, you can both Reboot the device or Restart the application.

Note: if the device appears not to run you can connect and view it using the Remote Configuration Center. Of course you will need to know the IP address of the device, or scan for it if not sure. Once found click on the icon below to interact with the controller:

Note: You may download the RCC software from our downloads area in

When the controller encounters any issues it will request that server alerts you about it. The controller also performs regular health check on all connected devices and updates its display and requests alerts from the server:

Examine Images set to displays
The Door Tablet server will receive images that are sent to displays from the EPS Controller. You control if such back images are displayed on the server by ticking the correct option is the System Profile:
See step 3...
Restart the controller for the set-up to take effect.

To view the images navigate like so:

The system shows the images from the EPS Controller they came from. Click on the folder to see postings according to dates. Further selections will show the specific resources, until you can see images:

And now resources:

Click on resource to see the images posted to the device on this day:

Note: moving the mouse over a thumbnail will show the image fully. Clicking on a Thumbnail will open the image in another tab, which you can use to save and share with others.

Note: The Door Tablet server add-in cleans the server nightly and removes images that are one week old or older. Once you turn this feature OFF, images will be removed completely from the server after one week.