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Monitoring Tablets

From Door Tablet V7.1, you can enable the server to monitor the Door Tablet devices. If, for any reason, the clients no longer communicate with the server, and are OFF-LINE, an alert is emailed to the administrator. When the connection resumes, another alert will inform the administrator that the connection was re-established and the client is ON-LINE.

A Door Tablet client may go off-line for the following reasons:

  1. Network problems
  2. Loss of power
  3. PC displaying a Wayfinding display is not functioning
  4. Tablets have restarted but Door Tablet did not start automatically
  5. Door Tablet started but an administrator did not open the display
  6. Door Tablet Auto-Resume was not set so the application did not resume
  7. Credentials for the server were changed and the clients could not auto-restart
and more

With monitoring enabled you will know when something is wrong with a display long before anyone else.

Usage of Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Many such packages will monitor status of tablets but often they are not designed to monitor PCs. MDM can monitor the running of an application (or the fact it is not running), but not the specific functions that application is supposed to do.

Note: the monitor currently runs on the Door Tablet Windows server only.

Monitoring Set-up
Open the System Profile and in the "Sensors, Monitoring, Assistance" tab fill in the fields under "Monitoring":

In the Web UI:

In the Notes client click on "System Profile" and scroll down to "Monitoring":

Once you have filled the above, restart the add-in (you will be asked about restarting it anyway). You should also obtain the latest Door Tablet client (7.1) for the monitoring to work properly. Your meeting spaces will now be monitored.

Refining Monitoring
At meeting space/neighborhood level, you can refine how the monitor works, who gets notified and even disable the monitor altogether. Note: the monitoring times relate to the local time where the Door Tablet client is and not the server. For example, if you have a Door Tablet server in New York and you have set up monitoring from 8.00 to 18.00, the Door Tablet clients in Los Angeles will be monitored four hours later than those in New York. You may also wish to send alerts to different administrators in those two locations which better match their locations and working hours.

In the Web UI under "Timers, Analytics, Monitoring":

In the Notes client:

The following two images show what the alerts look like:

When connection resumes:

Notes about monitoring
  1. A client must be active to be monitored
  2. The monitor starts five minutes after the server has started
  3. A monitor email may contain messages about a whole group of clients, in a single email
  4. A client will be regarded OFF-LINE if it has not been communicating with the server for the duration of three times its polling frequency
  5. When a client resumes, a message is sent to the administrator at the next check cycle (see Check Frequency above)
  6. You need to restart the client when the time changes on a tablet, unless all the clients and servers are on the same time zone
  7. When users check for other rooms "nearby", Door Tablet ensures that the server sees it as ON-LINE even when they occupy the tablet for a time that exceeds the above