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PC NFC reading

You may wish to read cards manually into the Door Tablet Web UI. To do so you will need:
  1. A card reader and driver
  2. Software package that uses the above and allows you to channel output

For the purpose of illustration, we use the ACR122U, found here:
  1. Hardware:
  2. Get drivers from here:
  3. And finally get the GoToTags app from here:

Your reader looks like this...

After installing the drivers, you are ready to install the GoToTags application. When you run for the first time it will identify your reader:

You can now configure the reader to read tags as if there were keyboard input, into any application, including a Door Tablet Web UI user record.

You may also request that the application issues a TAB after the scan. This will move the cursor to the next field and prevent multiple scanning.

In the Door Tablet Web UI user record, place the cursor in the NFC tag field, and touch the card on the reader: