The people display shows people in the area based on bookings and invitations Anonymousprnt::Y


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People Display

From V10.0.15 of Door Table a People Display is available. The People display, as its name suggests, focuses on people rather than rooms or desks.VIDEO: Wayfinding displays

The following apply:

  1. A People display relates to a group of resources such as rooms and desks
  2. Door Tablet extracts information about people who have booked the resources in the neighbourhood, or where invited to meetings in those rooms
  3. Meeting attendees are extracted on selected platforms
  4. You control what information is shown
  5. Privacy is maintained
  6. The display will only show people who have booked a resource today, or have been invited to a meeting in the area, only.

Example People display

Configure the People Display
The following options are available for configuring a People display:
  1. Presentational features, columns, paging and so on
  2. Display of names, sort order
  3. Domains that should be included for Invitees
  4. De-Duplication of data
You may also brand your display using CSS

Opening the People display