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Private Meetings

When you create meetings in Exchange or Microsoft 365 and mark these as private, Door Tablet will still show the meeting subject, unless you change some defaults. In all versions of Exchange, including Microsoft 365, the private flag is not automatically carried to the meeting space reservation so you need to instruct Exchange to do so.

Up to and including Exchange version 2010, a property check box can be available to set this up but it is much easier to issue a cmdlet.

Exchange 2010/2013 and Microsoft 365
Set-CalendarProcessing -identity <room> -RemovePrivateProperty $false
for example
Set-CalendarProcessing -identity -RemovePrivateProperty $false
See here

Exchange 2007
Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -identity <room> -RemovePrivateProperty $false
for example
Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -identity -RemovePrivateProperty $false

To setup all meeting for a room to be private, or using a "private word", see here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'All Private'