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Profile settings

Global settings for BOOKER

Open the System Profile and ensure that the Operations Mode includes hot desks by setting it to Hot Desks or Both. See here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Operation modes'

VIDEO: Door Tablet Booker for admins

Setting up the login form
BOOKER provides for a number of authentication methods. The basic one is "Internal Door Tablet".

To enable login using Internal Door Tablet users click on "Set login form for ". The link will show the current IP address or DNS name you have used to open the server. We recommend that you create sub domains in DNS and enable these for:

  1. Using the Web UI - for example:
  2. Using BOOKER - for example:
Please note that if you are using the same host to login to both the Door Tablet WebUI and BOOKER, and you are already logged in to the WebUI, you will need to logout from the WebUI first

The URL to open the BOOKER booking system is:

Please note that you can shorten this URL for this domain to something like this: <your-door-tablet-host:port>/desks using sites records

Login form
Once you configure BOOKER the login form will look like this:

If you integrate BOOKER with other ID management the login form above will not show and you will login to BOOKER automatically.