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Many Door Tablet devices allows you to set up a time range in which the device is rebooted.

When the device is rebooted the latest Door Tablet App is checked and if required the Door Tablet device will be updated. Note: from Door Tablet V8 you can reboot polling devices remotely. This will allow you to set devices for power saving instead of daily reboots and conserve energy. Read more about power saving here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Power Saving'.


  1. Automated reboot without screen OFF/ON
  2. Manual but remote reboots with screen OFF/ON - recommended

To enable automated reboots:
  1. Open the device settings
  2. Touch on "Schedule reboot settings"
  3. Change the settings to "Daily reboot"
  4. Set the reboot time
  5. Check the "Optimise Server Performance" feature

Open the AIO/TC settings:

Touch on Scheduled options:

Select the "Daily reboot" option:

You can now set-up the time:

Your new schedule will now show:

Please leave "Optimise Server Performance" selected. This option will random the start time in a range of around 30 minutes so that any start procedures do not hit the Door Tablet server all in one go.

Manual Reboots from the Door Tablet Web UI
As you may have set up your hardware for power conservation to replace reboots, to install a new version of the Door Tablet APK you will need to remotely reboot the polling device. Note: the instruction to reboot reaches the Door Tablet device when it polls the server for schedules.

Open the Web UI and click on "Tracking":

Once Tracking shows you may click on devices and then select Restart or Reboot