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Samsung SSSP

Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) hardware range is fully supported via the Door Tablet server.

The following devices are supported:

  1. 10" touch display
  2. 22" touch display (suitable for Door Tablet cluster displays)
  3. Variety of large monitors to 85" (suitable for Door Tablet Wayfinding)

Power and Networking solutions
  1. No need for enclosure - A security lock is recommended
  2. PoE built-in for 10.1" models (none PoE option available)
  3. Networking is both wired and Wi-Fi

  1. No extra required
  2. No access issues
  3. No home button to worry about
  4. Single purpose hardware
  5. No need for Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  6. Door Tablet client loaded and updated from the Door Tablet server

10.1" display - touch

21.5" display - touch (mains power)