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Save Conflicts

When you use the Door Tablet Enterprise system and deploy multiple servers, Save Conflicts may occur. This happens when two users update the same record, a room for example, on two connected servers and replication occurs later. Such updates may cause "Save and Replication Conflicts", if the same data items on the same record were modified.

To reduce such conflicts avoid updating the same records at the same time, or decide that some records are maintained on one server while others on the other. If you make changes to a record but cannot see the data update on the other - trigger replication between the servers and then refresh your pages on the target server to see the latest data.

When conflict occurs, such records do not show in the normal resource views on the Door Tablet Web UI or the Door Tablet client App. The impact of this is that your licences may be consumed in "dead" records which you do not have access to.

Conflict discovery in the add-in
From V5.3.140 (28 December 2019), the Door Tablet server add-in resolves this issue for you as follows:

  1. Every four hours the add-in looks for conflicts
  2. Records that are "conflicts" are set to "inactive"
  3. The licence is removed, and as such no longer consume from your entitlement
  4. The conflict indicator is removed
  5. The word "conflict" is inserted to the records, which allows you to search for all conflict records, and delete them if you wish
The net effect of this is:
  1. You can now see "Conflict" records
  2. Records now show as inactive
  3. They do not consume licences from your entitlement
  4. If licence distribution failed before, it will no longer do

Execute Now
To force run the function on demand, type the following at the server console:
> tell doortablet co
The add-in will perform the function and report progress on the server console. A log entry for the Server will be created, too, with the list of resources.

Search and Delete
Once the function is run you may update the records, or delete them if you like. To do so please search for the term "conflict".