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Software updates

When you install the Door Tablet Windows App, you software will not be updated by the Windows Store, and you will have full control over the process.

The App is set with the following URL for future updates. Although it may seem like it comes from our web server you can override this by changing DNS on your network to open a different server, instead of ours.

App is set with this URL source:
DNS changed required for:

Note: if you do not change the DNS your devices will be updated from our server.

When we release a new version
You will know when we update our software via our Twitter account or one of our regular mailings. At that point head to our Downloads page under your account:

  1. Download DoorTabletWinnApp.appxbundle
  2. Place the above file in the dtwinapp folder you have created on your web server, which you have directed DNS to
  3. Windows will update the application when it is started