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Start the Controller

After you have added the MAC address to a space, add all your spaces to a neighbourhood and ensure you have created a Settings record for it. In that record you must set the default device model and template this neighbourhood will be using.

VIDEO: Using the Door Tablet EPS Controller

Open the EPS controller
The controller runs on the Door Tablet ABX2 device which you connect on your network. Perform the following steps:

  1. Install the Door Tablet APK on the device
  2. Run the application
  3. Create a Server connection to your Door Tablet server
  4. Log in to the server
  5. Navigate to Wayfinding displays
  6. Find the neighbourhood you created and open open it
  7. Select the EPS Controller

Create a server connection...

Enter the server and navigate to Wayfinders...

Open your neighbourhood

After touching the above, you will see all the types of displays you can use. The ePaper Controller will show as enabled if you have created a Settings document for the neighbourhood

Note: you may open the Controller in a browser in order to check it, and if needed, examine the impact of changing templates or adding your own CSS.

You can see what your devices would look like by clicking one or more of the check boxes:

For example, setting the displays with the current dummy data, as Busy, will look like so:

Device status indicators

General info...

When a device is found and OK...

When a devices has gone wrong or was not found...