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Start the admin interface

Door Tablet offers a comprehensive Administration Interface using a browser. We call it the Door Tablet Web UI

The interface provides the following functions:

  1. Create a connection to your scheduling system
  2. Manage workspaces
  3. Control Tablet access
  4. Manage users and provide access to the Web UI
  5. Change branding
  6. Manage messages produced by Door Tablet
  7. Manage licensing
  8. View logs
And much more

Access the Web UI
Door Tablet is installed with a default username and password. Please change the password when you can. The domain part of the URL to the Web UI depends on where you access it from. The rest of the URL is the same.

When you install Door Tablet, a group is created with a link to the local Door Tablet Web UI address, using port 81:

URL above is:

If you access the server from another host or if you have changed the server's HTTP port use the following format for the URL:
For example:

Login to the Web UI
Door Tablet is installed with the following defaults:
Username: dtwebadmin
Password: password

Note: if you changed the password and have forgotten the new one please contact support for assistance.

Once you log in to the system you will be greeted by the Door Tablet Web UI dashboard:

You will find that all the available functions are self explanatory so have a go at using these.