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Supported Functions

Once you have your NFC tags registered, you can use these for a number of functions. Using settings, you can decide how the NFC is used:
  1. Allow self registration - when you allow this, an additional button appears in the single meeting space and cluster display
  2. Automatically approve registrations - when users register their cards this will determine if they need to await approval
  3. Disable a NFC tag - if a tag is lost, stolen or misused, you can disable it
  4. Reserve a meeting space - a meeting space will be reserved upon presentation of the NFC card and thus identify the owner of the meeting
  5. Extend and terminate a meeting - only the user who booked the meeting space will be able to extend or terminate a meeting
  6. Check-in to a meeting - for pre booked meetings allow check-in using NFC. An email is sent to the meeting originator as to which user checked in to their meeting, although it is expected to often be the same person
  7. Request assistance - using NFC here speeds the process of specifying contact and ID of the requestor. This applies only when the system is set to send emails with requests
  8. Log in and log out for administrators - by adding a NFC ID to the server code list

Settings in the System profile:

In Neighborhood Settings:

Note: the above settings affect all the resources associated with the area. Reservation related settings apply to only Clusters and Floor plans.

Settings at resource level:

Impact of Settings in the App
Your settings will affect the functions available to end users.

Self Registration:

Note: the same function appears in Cluster Displays.

The following pop-up will appear:

Getting Help: below shows when a card is disabled and the request cannot be submitted.

And when all is OK the user's phone number and name are brought from the server and are included in the request:

Reservation: showing an attempt by a disabled card.

Post submission of reservation with a good card:

Terminating a meeting early, using a NFC card:

Response when the wrong card is used:

Similar NFC functions apply to Extensions.