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Track and Restart

From Door Tablet V7.4, you can track and restart individual Door Tablet clients remotely. You may wish to restart a client if you made changes to its settings, display, languages, translation etc., and wish to see your changes right away. Using the tracking facility, you can also see which clients are currently connected to the server and the type of clients.

To access the tracking area open the Web UI and click on "Client Tracking":

Showing device types:

How restart works
When you mark a client to be started, your request is consumed by the client the next time the client polls the server. If you request to start a client that was recently running but is not running now, the request will be consumed but ignored. You may only request to restart clients that have been running in the last hour. Once the client received your request to restart, it will do so as soon as possible. If the client is interacting with a user, a delay in restart will occur. Non-interactive displays start immediately upon consuming the request. If you set the Door Tablet client to have a low heartbeat (slow polling) then restart will take longer.

Deleting old tracks
Old tracks are marked in grey and may be deleted. A track is regarded old if the client has last connected over 24 hours ago. You can easily select a group of tracks by clicking on the check box at the top of each area.

Restart when posting changes to a room or neighborhood
Door Tablet allows you to restart an active display when you save its associated record. When you mark such a display for a restart, all devices connected to this display, will be marked for restart.