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20 March 2024

The following describe change made in this release
10.12.23 (candidate for V10.13)


  1. Updates to Door Tablet EPS
  2. Web UI enhancement offering column sorting in views and more
  3. Addition of support for Microsoft 365 GCC High (see Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Microsoft 365 GCC High')

Door Tablet EPS
A few items where added in this version:
  1. New alerts when devices fail to update, both at system wide and device controller levels
  2. New views that make it easy to manage devices and MAC address
  3. Automated Backup of display images for test phases
  4. Automated time stamp on images for test phases
  5. Fixes and enhancements to the EPS Controller

  1. Changes to the home screen to accommodate a variety of display sizes
  2. Added "new" language: Transitional Chinese
  3. Various minor changes