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Workplace Spaces

Meeting spaces are edited using the Web UI. Before you edit your workspaces or even try to create ones, click on Synchronise and Door Tablet will connect to your scheduling system, and bring the spaces in for you.

Note: all settings are stored on the Door Tablet server and not on the tablet. The only data stored on the tablet is the connection information to the server. When the Door Tablet display is up, Door Tablet stores the settings brought from the server. This means that if the connection with the server is interrupted, Door Tablet will continue and operate in disconnected mode (it will display accurate schedules but cannot accept ad hoc bookings).

Editing meeting spaces/resources in the Web UI:

View from Web UI:

Setting Reservation rules:

Setting assistance data:

You can customize displays at both the global level, which will affect all tablets connected to the system, and the meeting space level. There is no obligation to change the display. Door Tablet is ready to be used as is.

You can use your company company complete branding. In some parts of the display, you also have the option to use your own font. You can only do this from the database. Direct reference to styles can only be edited in the Client database where you can specify the full path in both the tablet and the Client.