Newsletter - Winter 2019

Key Features
  • It's time to head to Amsterdam again - see you there in February 2020
  • New slim tablet, the Door Tablet SL
  • New release of Door Tablet 9.2
  • New firmware for our Door Tablet AIO/TC/ABX users
  • Revamped website and brochures

The Door Tablet Stand is the Most Secure place to be at ISE 2020

Door Tablet will once again be exhibiting at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the trade show that is the European destination for the global AV industry.  As we enter the new decade, ISE 2020 in Amsterdam will be the ideal place to meet us and learn all about our innovative developments in workspace management and try out our full range of purpose-built display devices.

Aspiring clients and prospective resellers, as well as potential associates and partners from all over the world are welcome to stop by and have a chat with us.  We love talking about what we do and are passionate about our products and the benefits they can offer your company.  You will also get the chance to quiz the development team and our CEO Avi Tchiprout about what the new decade will herald for Door Tablet.

"On our stand we love seeing people’s enthusiasm for our system" says Avi, "and it’s always good for our technical support team to get the chance to talk to our existing clients, because our software is so stable that they never get support calls from anyone, so they get kind of lonely".

The Door Tablet team have always prioritized system stability, but now our other passion for system security will really be coming into focus for the coming decade.  From the moment we began coding Door Tablet,  we built it with security in mind, not as a later bolt-on or afterthought.  Customers are now increasingly realizing that using an insecure system can lead to commercial disaster if it is hacked, leaks information or if data is being held to ransom.  Our mission is to stop this from ever becoming an issue for our clients.

"We always tell our prospective clients that their data is just NOT safe with us at all.  This always shocks them until I explain that we will never have their data in the first place.  Door Tablet will only run on-premise and/or in their private cloud, so their data is always completely inaccessible to us.  As a result, they do not have to trust us with any data, ever” shares Avi.

This will be the second year that Door Tablet has exhibited at ISE.  In 2019 we were showcasing the additions to our range of purpose-built display devices, such as the disc shaped Door Tablet CIR.  We are proud that we now have a display suitable for every type of workspace - rooms, huddle spaces, desks, booths, cubicles and more - so all the bases are covered.

Going forward in 2020, it’s all about integrating innovative hardware features such as motion sensors, RFID and NFC, and enhancing the functionality of our software beyond the industry norm.  We want to be so far ahead of the curve that when we look back, we can’t even see that curve.

On our stand you will also see the fruits of our work with Intel UNITE, and learn how we bring "time" into your collaborations, with the help of UNITE, of course.  Our software now runs on the UNITE hub, in full, exploiting the new Live View plugin available in in V4.1.

If you would like to meet us at ISE we would be delighted to chat with you and show how Door Tablet takes the work out of workspace management for you and your organization. 

Details of ISE

ISE 2020 will take place at RAI Amsterdam on 11-14 February 2020.  We will be located at booth 15-S252.

Tuesday 11 February               Wednesday 12 February
10:00 – 18:00                             09:30 – 18:00

Thursday 13 February             Friday 14 February
09:30 – 18:00                            09:30 – 16:00

New slim tablet: Door Tablet SL

The Door Tablet SL is our newest and slimmest purpose-built smart display for the outside of meeting rooms.  It has been designed to take full advantage of all the software and hardware features available in the Door Tablet system.  The Door Tablet SL is most similar to the Door Tablet TC, with the same screen size, resolution and many other features.  However, as our newest tablet it has a modern sleek design, making it thinner and lighter than both the AIO and TC.  It also comes with a security lock built-in - learn more about the SL.

Door Tablet 9.2
With this version of our system we are delivering the following updates:

  • Door Tablet Flex - a new way to design your single rooms display in any way you like.  Place an object anywhere on the display and style them in any way you like
  • New features in the Windows Device Handler
  • New screen ON/OFF features for Door Tablet WIN, available on Door Tablet WM, MM and WBX
  • Automated Windows login and complete Kiosk operation
  • Improvements to Auto-Resume and a provide a fix when resume was interrupted
  • Improvements to Web UI menus
  • New server add-in commands
  • New sensor features on the Windows platform: run via USB instead of network-based installation
  • Provide full interactivity on Intel UNITE live-view
  • Further improvements to interaction with Google G Suite - 3-legged authentication
  • New Analog Clock choice for displays in addition to the digital one, with full control over dial, hands and backgrounds
  • Slide Show improvements including display of room name on top of the slide and better stability

  • Automated user imports from CSV files allowing for full automation with ID management
  • Fix for when synchronising rooms with Microsoft Office 365 using Microsoft Graph
  • Korean language added
  • Updated themes
  • Fixed licencing issue on Door Tablet CIR
New Firmware for Android Kits
As part of our ongoing commitment to continual improvements in Door Tablet, we have ported Android 7.1 to the Android hardware.  The implementation of Android on our hardware never uses the Android UI and employs the Android core only.

The Door Tablet Android was previously based on Android 5.1.1 and the advantages of this update to Android 7.1 are:
  1. Added USB Type-C support
  2. Better multitasking
  3. Seamless system updates
  4. Better performance
The process for the upgrade is described here.

A Revamped Website

We have recently simplified and modernized our website to highlight all the impressive and unique features of the Door Tablet system. For our updated overview of the great benefits of Door Tablet, click here.

Our Door Tablet help section features a growing library of videos about getting the best out of Door Tablet. If you have any suggestions for new videos , we would love to hear from you.  “Using the Demo Server” shows you how the Door Tablet server actually works in real time.

For further information on the deployment of Door Tablet, this webpage helps clarify the process.  If you have any queries, then we are always happy to answer them.  

New Brochures

We have also modernized and updated all the product and information brochures that are downloadable from our website here.  If you are looking to upgrade features or devices on your Door Tablet system it is a great place to start.  We are always happy to chat with you to see if we can help make your experience with Door Tablet even better.