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General Information

Conceived initially as a single tablet device for managing meeting rooms, Door Tablet has expanded into a comprehensive, flexible workplace signage system for organisations of all sizes, from single-room operations to enterprises that span the globe.

This leaflet outlines the technical features and customer benefits of a system that is as reliable in operation as it is easy to install.

Door Tablet AIO

Flexibility is a distinctive feature of Door Tablet, which works with all major scheduling systems and runs on all main browsers. Likewise, it displays on a wide range of tablet devices, including iPads.

By far our most popular touch display device is the AIO – All in One – which also comes in a specially hardened version for additional security in dispersed enterprise environments.

Door Tablet  TC

Our new TC device – or Touch – retains the interactivity and high quality that has made the Door Tablet AIO our most popular model. It is also as environmentally friendly and robust as its big brother.

Where it scores is with its lighter slate of features that may be less vital in some corporate environments, making the TC a good budget choice.
Door Tablet WM

Our stylish tablet for the Windows market is a 10.1" device, combining smart design with the operational flexibility that has made it popular worldwide.

Environmentally friendly to run, the tablet boasts side-LED light bars indicating room status from afar, while facilitating lower energy consumption when the workspace is vacant. Room access can be controlled with RFID/NFC cards.
Door Tablet MM

A new stylish tablet for the Windows market is a 11.5" device, combining an elegant design with the operational flexibility that made Windows so  popular.  This device is an integral part of the new Door Tablet WIN family, a family that is still growing.

The tablet boasts side-LED light bars indicating room status, while facilitating lower energy consumption when the workspace is vacant. Room access can be controlled with RFID/NFC cards.
Door Tablet ABX

All you need to power your Wayfinding displays, the Door Tablet ABX is a robust but sleek device that performs reliably on low power consumption. It can connected to a single screen or many – both touch and non-touch devices.

As with all hardware on the Door Tablet system, the ABX is managed remotely from the Door Tablet web UI.
Door Tablet CIR

Award-winning CIR hardware features flexible applications for bookable and non-bookable spaces (Door Tablet NU) and for the increasingly popular hot-desking spaces (Door Tablet DSK), and are a feature of serviced offices all over the world.

Fully integrated with Door Tablet motion sensors, the CIR device is especially handy for use in smaller co-working spaces, huddle rooms, and phone booths.  
Cost of Business Meetings

Door Tablet does more than improve occupancy rates in meeting rooms and communal workspaces. Meetings that are enabled by an effective digital signage system run more efficiently.

Time is managed more easily; there is less wastage of valuable business resources. The result? Higher rates of productivity; lower rates of frustration for happier people.
Comparison of Tablet Devices

We compare a few of our most popular devices, including our top-selling Door Tablet AIO tablet and our most recent releases of two new Windows devices with some of the best-known names in the digital signage market, including devices from Samsung and Apple iPad.

Among the chief differentiators are the built-in Power over Ethernet, LED lights, and Near Field Communication capabilities.
Case study - One Stop Doctors

Many of our significant innovations arise from dialogues with clients and prospects. In this case study, we reveal how a private clinic in the UK inspired our move into motion sensors, driven by the requirements of patient privacy.

Other important details emerging here were the sharp increase in room occupancy, and corresponding decline in admin hassle in managing meeting spaces.

Door Tablet integration with Intel Unite

This document describes the integration features between Door Tablet and Intel Unite.  The combination of in-room collaboration platform and the Door Tablet system introduces features that further enhance the user experience both inside and outside your meeting spaces.