Door Tablet SL 

The Door Tablet SL is our newest and slimmest purpose-built smart display for the outside of meeting rooms.  It has been designed to take full advantage of all the software and hardware features available in the Door Tablet system.  For example, by tapping "Nearby" on any device, a user can see an instant overview of all your other workspaces - so they can see where and when other rooms are free to use, and can even book other rooms immediately on the original screen.  The Door Tablet SL is most similar to the Door Tablet TC, with the same screen size, resolution and many other features.  However, as our newest tablet it has a streamlined, sleek design, making it thinner and lighter than both the AIO and TC.  It also comes with a security lock built-in.  As it does not have Bluetooth and NFC integration it is offered at a lower price than the AIO.

Easy to Install

The SL works "out of the box" and comes with all the fixtures and fittings needed to get it up to where it will be seen.

All-purpose Mount

The device is easy to mount on any surface including glass, brick and metal.  Just tell us where you want it to go and we can give you all the fittings needed.


The Door Tablet SL is our slimmest (2.1cm deep) 10.1 inch display with a high resolution (1280x800 dpi) full color touch screen meaning the display is easy to read and provides smooth user interaction.  Add your branding and make the device yours. 


The screen is tempered glass which means it's tough, easy to clean, and will not shatter, crack or deteriorate excessively with time or heavy use.  It's built to last and stay looking good. 

Readable at Wide Viewing Angles

The IPS display ensures the screen can be read comfortably at a distance and at wide angles so there's no need to get up close to read what's being displayed. 

Runs on Android

The SL has an ARM processor and effortlessly runs on all the major operating systems.  We also offer an alternative Windows device called the Door Tablet WM which has a 10.1 inch display, or a slighly larger Windows device with a 11.6 inch display called the Door Tablet MM - read more here


Although it's tempting to just use iPads or store-bought domestic tablets as display devices, these machines usually have a built-in battery, which quickly deteriorates with constant use.  The SL is battery-free and powered solely by mains or PoE. 

Power over Ethernet (PoE+) Built-in

With no need to rely on Wi-Fi signals, a single PoE+ cable powers the SL giving you the benefit of full power management, saving costs and the environment.  Shut down and restart screens as needed.

LED Lighting

A bright and colorful LED strip on the front of the device is a unique feature which can signal to people that a room is free or busy.  There is no need to walk up to a room - from a distance see what color the light is glowing, which tells you the room status.  Currently we offer red, amber, green and blue LED signalling.  Use the SL with the LED strip at the top or bottom of the device. 

eMMC Storage

There's no need to panic in the event of a sudden power loss, as the SL has eMMC storage with reliable Write and Data parameter settings that ensure any existing data on the device is not corrupted. 

Wi-Fi Enabled

Wireless connectivity is enabled for the SL.

Environmentally Friendly Power Options

Door Tablet enables reduction of power consumption in all our devices - the display can go completely to sleep when not needed, meaning your corridors will not be wastefully lit up at night.  Control the power consumption of your SL devices from anywhere and at any time.  Switch off screens, put them into power saving modes, and wake them up as required - automatically.  Also, we can supply our devices without unnecessary power supplies, reducing the materials used for manufacturing (including plastic and metal) and the cost to you. 


The SL comes with a security lock built-in.

Long Lasting Hardware

Our standard 12 months device warranty can be extended to 36 months if needed. 

Try Before You Buy

We offer a risk-free, no obligation trial of our software and devices.  We will even supply an SL that you can return within 30 days for a full refund.  We offer all this because we are so confident that once you use Door Tablet, you won't want to send it back!

Summary of features

  • Power over Ethernet - PoE
  • LED light on front (top or bottom)
  • Security lock built-in
  • High resolution 10.1" touch display
  • Slim design (2.1cm deep)
  • Secure single purpose device - no need for Mobile Device Management
  • OS: Android 8.1
  • CE and FCC certified

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