Licenses and Prices

The Door Tablet pricing model aims to match your requirements and usage levels.  As the software contains multiple facilities in which some will be used by you whilst others wont -these are priced separately.  One component that is always required is the Door Tablet server.  The server runs on any Windows PC or a virtual partition and does not require a dedicated computer.

What can be licensed

Room displays These are individual displays that you place by meeting rooms, auditoriums etc.  Each display connects to one resource object in your calendaring system.  The content of this display is primarily the schedule for this room for today.  If your rooms are licensed and feature in a Cluster Display there is no need to license the Cluster Display itself.
Servers This is a core component of the Door Tablet system and is required for every installation.  You would normally require just one but larger organisations may wish to obtain additional servers for the purpose of disaster recovery, testing and training purposes or simply to accommodate a larger organisation with multiple scheduling systems.
Public displays These displays will typically be placed in central areas showing the status of meetings in a collection of rooms, known as "neighborhoods".  There are a variety of these displays: Welcome, Schedule, Slide Show, Cluster and Airport (more will become available).  One specially designed display is the Cluster Display.  A Cluster Display provides interactive services identical to the single room display but shows multiple resources in a time-bar style.  Each display you place requires a license even if the display points at the same neighborhood.
Cluster displays These are interactive displays which allow you a complete range of interactive services.  You do not have to license a Cluster Display if all its members are already licensed.  Members of such a display may be either Rooms or Hot-desks (see below).
Airport displays An Airport display is a public display with a twist.  When all rooms are displayed on a single screen, it is required to purchase a single Public Display.  If you use the Multi Screen feature each screen requires a Public Display license.  Each display you place requires a license even if the display points at the same neighborhood.
(lite license)
"Hot-desks" are resources which can be reserved in the same manner as rooms.  If you choose to license a resource in Door Tablet as a Hot-Desk, you can only interact with it on a Cluster Display (or the future Desks Display).  A Hot-Desk license cannot be used in a Room Display (dedicated tablet display).
Meeting Center A Meeting Center is an installation type that does not require a connection from the Door Tablet server to other scheduling systems.  As such the Door Tablet system is "Stand Alone" and all bookings are performed via the Door Tablet Web UI calendar or using one of the interactive displays, such as Room Display or Cluster Display.
API Door Tablet offers an API (Application Programming Interface), that allows organisations with specialist reservation systems to read and update the Door Tablet data using API calls.  In such a case - appointments are pushed into the Door Tablet instead of Door Tablet retrieving these from your scheduling system.
DTSI The Door Tablet Standard Interface module is a licensed in addition to the standard server.  Please ask us for a quote.  You can read about the DTSI Architecture and how to implement it.
Hardware options We can supply all the hardware you need to get tablets and wayfinding displays to your premises.  In some countries we can also arrange for site surveys and actuall installation of the hardware.  You will see that we offer tablet as well but as we offer a standard commodity device you may wish to check for local supply of these, too.  The most popular hardware since the begining of 2016 is the Door Tablet AIO

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You can get a quote for your installation requirements in an instant.  For this you need to register, if you have not already done so, login and from your account dashboard click the link "Get a Quotation".  You can then check the figures for a number of licensed items. The tool does not offer figures for using the API, Meeting Center, advance maintenance options, large volume requirements and services, such as branding, slide shows creation and styling.  Click here to get a Quote

Quotes can be provided in US Dollar ($), British Pound (£) and Euro (€)

It is highly recoomended to ask the tool to email you the quotation so that the prices presented to you are reserved for the validity period.

The on-line quoting tool also offer quotes on display hardware.  You can ask for prices of individual items or the complete package - ready for you to place on your wall.

About Maintenance
The quoting tool shows the value of
the maintenance charge after the first year of using Door Tablet at present day pricing. The figure will be calculated at the time your renewal ends and will be subject to price changes and currency fluctuations.

Special Discounts
We offer discounts on most of Door Tablet licensed items to charities and not-for-profit organisations.

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