Door Tablet ABX - With 23" touch display

23" touch display, driven by Door Tablet ABX

  • Door Tablet ABX - Android box fully integrated with the Door Tablet system
  • 23" touch display - Acer T232HL (may be bought seperately)
  • Wired and Wi-Fi ethernet
  • Clean elegant designs with side buttons
  • Flat plane glass front - frameless
  • VESA Mount (100x100mm)
  • Door Tablet APP software installed, managed by Door Tablet Web User Interface
  • CE and FCC certified
  • Screen warranty: one year; ABX device one year
  • Hardware price: use the Quotation Tool from the Dashboard
Door Tablet ABX may be sold separately and used with other monitors, interactive or otherwise

Warranty Statement

Other Hardware

Clean and elegant design

The Acer screen is unique in this elegant design, offering sensitive touch and cool looks.  It comes with 19V power supply and cables.  The screen is fitted with a stand that is removed when using a VESA mount.

Door Tablet ABX attached to the Acer 23" touch display

A VESA mount 100x100mm will attach the ABX to the monitor.  Optionally, use the supplied 3M Velcro pads to attach the ABX away from the VESA mount holes.
  1. Door Tablet ABX
  2. VESA mount holes.  Here the ABX is attched to two of the VESA mount whole which normally will be attached with the VESA mount itself.  Optionally use the 3M Velcro pads provided.
  3. Short cables (HTMI and USB supplied with the package)

Door Tablet ABX - wires diagram

The ABX unit comes with 12V power supply, antenna, HTMI cable, 2x3M Velcro pads
  1. Main ABX unit
  2. Wired network
  3. HDMI Video Out
  4. HDMI Video In
  5. ABX Power supply, 12V
  6. Screen Power supply, 19V
  7. Wi-Fi - optional
  8. USB Touch In
  9. USB Touch Out
Three cables come out of the unit: 2x power and Cat 5 LAN cable.