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Firmware Update

Door Tablet is available on the Door Tablet AIO/TC hardware. The firmware, or OS, is enhanced from time to time and you may wish to update your hardware with the latest firmware. Note: if you have installed the special Hardened OS, only hardened OSs can be used for further upgrades. To learn more about the Hardened OS click here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Hardened Android OS'.

Updating the firmware
The following steps will be required:

  1. Download the firmware from the downloads area on
  2. The file contains two files: a zip file which is the firmware, and an XML file allowing network installation
  3. The firmware is in the form of a zip file, do not change it

USB Installation
  1. Save the firmware zip file to a USB drive and ensure that it is in the root of the USB and that it is the only one
  2. Insert the USB drive into one of the AIO/TC USB sockets
  3. Go to device settings and select firmware update
Note: if you use the Hardened OS this option will no longer be available to you since USB ports are disabled. Only network based installation will be possible.

When the Door Tablet AIO/TC starts it will show the following screen. If it does not show this, it is either not an AIO/TC device or not running the correct firmware:

Enter settings:

Select Firmware Update:

Insert the USB with the firmware zip into one of the USB sockets, then continue:

The firmware update will begin, the device will reboot and update. At times the process may appear to be stalling - keep it running and wait.

Updated firmware shows below:

Network Installation
To install the firmware over the network follow these steps:
1. Place the two files found in the zip you have downloaded on the Door Tablet server HTML directory, say in "AIO/TCfw"
2. On the AIO/TC go to settings and firmware update

3. Change the firmware URL and type it as follows (assuming you placed the files in "AIO/fw" folder under the HTML folder): http://<host-address>/AIO/fw/doortablet-fw.xml
4. Click Set

The firmware will be downloaded from the server and the installation will begin afterward - please wait for it to begin, it may take some time.

Note: if you are setting multiple devices on your network you can take advantage of Door Tablet Network deployment tool, which can set your device with a range of parameters, including the firmware URL. Remember, for hardened OS, updates are available only through your network. See here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Network Deployment',