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Hardened OS

Note: This feature is part of the Door Tablet Enterprise server.

The following list describes changes made to our OS implementation. This is to secure our devices and our client’s networks from unauthorised access, including by employees with unfettered access to the Door Tablet end-point devices.

Note: once a Door Tablet end-point device receives the Hardened OS, the device cannot be modified using a standard version of the OS - it is a “one way street”. The UI of the OS is not used and our own interface is in use instead, providing a purpose built operating environment which is robust and secure. The Door Tablet OS running on all end-points are based on Google Android core V8.1 for Door Tablet SL and Android core V11 for Door Tablet NXT.

Hardened OS provisions

  1. Disabled access to USB ports
  2. Disabled access to micro USB ports
  3. Disabled access to Developer Options & Remote Debugging
  4. Disabled ADB access or commands
  5. Disabled on-board camera
  6. Disabled on-board microphone
  7. Disabled Bluetooth (in-room speakers will not be available)
  8. Only the Door Tablet APK may be installed or updated, using its verified signature
  9. Block OS updates, except for certified hardened versions, provided by us
  10. Removed remote control apps
  11. Removed MDM

Additional Hardened OS provisions (No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)
This version provides further hardening:
  1. Disabled Wi-Fi
Cellular communication is not possible to use due to USB disablement in Hardened OS - Standard Edition

Other security features of the device and the server:
  1. Device Settings are password protected
  2. X.509 certificates may be installed on the device to secure network access
  3. Access to the Door Tablet server may be restricted by IP
  4. Access to the Door Tablet server may be encrypted using SSL SHA256
  5. Emails from the Door Tablet server are sent to an internal relay host (eg check-in reminders)

Commercial note: A Hardened OS is a licensed product provided for a fee.

To install this OS the following applies:
  1. You must own a Door Tablet PRO device before you can upgrade it to the hardened OS. You may not do so on loaned devices.
  2. Purchase a license
  3. Login to your account and download the OS. You will see the option to download on your account once we have authorised it for this purpose
  4. Install the OS using a USB or over the network, as described here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Firmware Update'. Once installed, only hardened versions of the OS may be installed for the purpose of updates

Sample screen when a device has been hardened... no WiFi:

See further information about the Door Tablet SLc, the Cyber edition of the Door Tablet SL. See here.