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When you purchase Door Tablet you need to install and distribute your license. Follow this process:
  1. Contact and obtain your license file, or use your account login to obtain the license yourself
  2. Open the license file, copy the code within and then paste it into your system profile
  3. Activate the meeting space/resource you wish to license. Deactivate resources you do not need otherwise these will consume your entitlement. If you forget to deactivate a meeting you can do this later
  4. Distribute your license to active meeting spaces/resources

Note: Some Door Tablet features become available only when you purchase the Door Tablet Enterprise server. Please consult this page for a list of features:

Note: When you renew your annual maintenance a new license will be issued to you. If you upgrade the software during that period remember to deploy your new license.

Mark resources for Licensing
In order for licenses to be implemented for your resources, you need to mark the resource. When working with Wayfinding displays, including interactive ones, create Settings records in order to request licensing, as shown below:

To install the license in Door Tablet use the Web UI or use the Notes client if you are using IBM.

The Licensing page will open:

Click "Save License Data". Once saved, click on "Distribute Licenses".

Door Tablet will display the result of the action:

To see what is licensed you click on "List Licenses":

Distributing Licenses from the tablet app
If you wish to distribute a license to an active meeting space, you need to go to the room overview and click the "System Setup" button at the top right of the screen:

Do the following:

Click "Save System Profile" and you're done.

Installing your license using the Notes client:

You can also do this in the Notes application:

The following message will then appear:

Click "Yes" if you want to distribute the license and you're done.