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The Door Tablet sensors are easy to configure and install. The following steps are required:
  1. Prepare your sensors by first attaching them to your PC using a USB cable
  2. Configure the sensor and note some connection information
  3. Install the sensors in the ceiling of a meeting space, and provide them with power and network connection
  4. Test connection to the sensor from the tablet outside the meeting space
  5. Configure Door Tablet to indicate that sensors are used, and how you wish the system to react to motion

Motion Sensor connected to network electronics in a protective box.

Sensor Configuration Types
The Door Tablet sensors come in three forms. In all cases the sensors are connected to your internal ethernet network.
  1. PoE powered and networked
  2. Ethernet with local, in ceiling, USB power source
  3. Wi-Fi with local, in ceiling, USB power source

Placing your sensors
  1. In smaller meeting spaces simply place the sensors above the meeting space main table
  2. In larger meeting spaces place the sensors in the are people are likely to be seated

The size of the Motion Sensor with its protective case is 4x2x6cm.

Changing Sensors Sensitivity
You may change the sensitivity of the sensor by turning the right potentiometer which controls the detection range (3-7m). Turning the potentiometer clockwise increase the range.

Configure Network Connection
To configure your new sensor follow these steps:
  1. Open the electronics box, where the circuitry resides.
  2. Use a screw drover in the the four corners of the case. Do not undo the two screws in the front of the box
  3. Connect the circuitry to to your PC using a USB cable
  4. Proceed with software installation

The networking and power components of the sensor are stored in a protective box you will be placing inside the ceiling space.

PoE based sensor...

Learn how to configure your sensors here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Configure your Sensors'