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Customise the Display

You also have the ability to change colors, backgrounds, corporate logos, patterns for door displays and TV displays. This allows you to put your corporate branding wherever you use Door Tablet.

To learn how to work with CSS please see here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Working with CSS'

Go to the system set-up and go to "Styles":

There is a hierarchy of styling. The first level of styling is in the global system level. It then continues down to the meeting space level; while the lower level definitions refine the top one. You can use style sheets, CSS path or individual styles. If you use style sheets, you are able to style a group of meeting spaces identically. Style sheets will need to be present on a web server. You can use both style sheets and individual styles at the same time. The individual styles refine the style sheets.

This is the screen in the Notes Client:

Note: individual styles can only be edited from the Notes Client.

You can also edit the welcome display and the schedule display:

To the right of the above, you will see this screen:

From the room basics you can edit the themes of individual meeting spaces. Navigate to the neighborhood overview and click on "System Set-up" at the top right hand of the screen.

This is how the meeting space looks when the "Metallic" theme is applied:

The Berry theme:

The Autumnal theme:


  • You can choose whichever theme you wish to use
  • You can customize the display at both the global level, which will affect all tablets connected to the system, and the room level. There is no obligation to change the display. Door Tablet is ready to be used as is
  • You can use your company color scheme, logo, etc.
  • You can only do this from the database. Direct reference to styles can only be edited in the Notes Client database where you can specify the full path in the tablet and the Client.