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Customise the Display

You may change all aspect of the Door Tablet displays, using CSS

VIDEO: Getting started with branding

VIDEO: Setting up key business rules

To implement a CSS file you have created you can do at a number of levels:

  1. System overall
  2. Area or neighbourhood
  3. Meeting Space
The lower levels CSS refines the upper levels. Hence, there is a hierarchy of styling. The first level of styling is in the global system level. It then continues down to the meeting space level; while the lower level definitions refine the top one. You can use style sheets, CSS path or individual styles. If you use style sheets, you are able to style a group of meeting spaces identically. Style sheets will need to be present on a web server. You can use both style sheets and individual styles at the same time. The individual styles refine the style sheets.

In all levels, you will find a field where you can specify your style sheet. The path to the style sheet is relative to the HTML folder on your server. The path will be here:

So, if you create a folder under html and say call it branding, and say the file name is mystyles.css, the full path will be:

In the system you will specify the file path like so:

To learn how to work with CSS please see here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Working with CSS'