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Enhanced Reservations

Door Tablet allows you to insert welcome messages to reservations. These will appear on Single Room displays and on welcome screens. When using Microsoft Exchange, you will need to use the Web UI to add welcome messages. When using IBM Domino you can also modify the Resource Reservation database where welcome messages are simply added to bookings.

Updating reservations using the Web UI
To access reservations you need to login to the Web UI. All you need is a User login.

How reservations appear
Reservations are stored on your corporate Calendaring system (Microsoft Exchange or IBM Domino). As soon as Door Tablet accesses these for the first time, a corresponding reservation record is stored in Door Tablet. This process is automatic and does not require any action if the meetings are on that day, and in meeting spaces already containing an active Door Tablet App. For all other times use the Synchronise function provided by the application. This allows you, for example, to prepare Welcome messages for future meetings.

Click on one of the reservations views and then use the simple facility below to Synchronise reservations. Note: you only need to do this if there is no current Door Tablet App which displays a meeting space you are interested in or if the meetings are on a future date.

Reservations you have synchronised can be edited, this includes adding Welcome messages and images:

You can edit reservation records and see the Welcome message preview, similar to the way it will show on Tablets by the meeting spaces.

Note: you may change the Purpose or Subject of the meeting and this will show on the Tablet or the Welcome TV display. If the meeting subject is changed in Exchange, changes you make here will be ignored.

Review Reservations using the multi-layer calendar
Door Tablet allows you to view reservations in calendar format, providing a good view on meeting spaces occupancy. To modify an entry click on its box in the calendar.

Note: you can only create reservations using either your Calendaring and Scheduling system (via Outlook or Notes) or using the Tablet App. Additional reservation functions are planned for the Web UI in the near future.