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Identity Broker Service

Note: This feature is part of the Door Tablet Enterprise server.

From V8.3 Door Tablet makes it possible for you to integrate the server with non-standard user directories. The features described here make it's possible to:

  1. Retrieve users identity from systems that can respond over HTTP/S
  2. Eliminate the need to maintain multiple user directories
  3. Implement any desired business logic which responds to NFC card usage

Examples, from a university environment
  1. Using NFC cards retrieves student names, emails and more, from the university directory
  2. Use quotas to decide if a card holder can book a meeting space
  3. Check-in to a class and mark it in the university systems
  4. Update usage information of booked revision/study meeting spaces
and much more.

Any organisation that wishes to implement such integration must be able to interface with the Door Tablet system using the definitions listed here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'IBS/IBC Definitions'. In general, your system must respond to calls made by the Door Tablet server over HTTP/S. The Door Tablet server makes calls to your service using GET calls and your system responds with JSON data.

The Door Tablet server consumes your system's service and as such:
  1. Your system is providing the service and is called Identity Broker Service (IBS)
  2. Door Tablet consumes the service you provide and as such is called Identity Broker Consumer (IBC)