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Meeting Centre

From Door Tablet version 4, the server offers a Meeting Centre operation where no additional systems are required to manage meeting spaces. If your company manages meeting spaces for a number of different organisations or you offer meeting spaces for hire, you can run Door Tablet in Meeting Centre mode, allowing you to operate without the need for additional systems.

This table explains the difference between the installations

Door Tablet Standard ModeDoor Tablet Meeting Centre Mode
Connects to your corporate Calendaring and SchedulingDoes not connect to external systems
Requires a scheduling platform, such as MS 365No additional software required
Meeting spaces are created on the corporate systemSites and meeting spaces are created on Door Tablet using the Web UI (these are called base rooms)
Door Tablet meeting spaces, which enhance the corporate meeting spaces, are created in Door TabletDoor Tablet meeting spaces, which enhance the base rooms, are created in Door Tablet
Reservations take place on the corporate system onlyReservations take place on the Door Tablet App (end points) or using the API
Reservations may be modified (amend, delete, extend) only on the corporate systemReservations may be modified using the API

Working in Meeting Centre Mode
  1. Install the Door Tablet server
  2. Set the Technology in the system profile to "Meeting Center"
  3. Save the system profile

Once you have selected the above, the display of the dashboard will change and you will now be able to see "Spaces":

Creating meeting spaces in Meeting Centre
The process requires that you:
  1. Create Sites - you can have only one if you like
  2. Create Base Rooms and assign these to the above sites
Note: it is assumed that meeting spaces in a Meeting Centre are available 24/7

Create Base Rooms

Note: The combination of Site/meeting space must be unique on the system.

Note: that once you create or delete a meeting space you will need to:
  1. Stop the Room Manager
  2. Start the Room Manager
These functions are performed using the button at the bottom of the meeting space list.

Once you complete the above you can proceed to create Door Tablet meeting spaces as you would in standard Door Tablet operations. See here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Workplace Spaces'