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RF protocols

The following protocols are supported by the NFC reader in the Door Tablet AIO:
  1. ISO/IEC 14443A, ISO/IEC 14443B PCD designed according to NFC Forum digital protocol T4T platform and ISO-DEP
  2. FeliCa PCD mode
  3. MIFARE PCD encryption mechanism (MIFARE 1K AND 4K)
  4. NFC Forum tag (MIFARE Ultralight, Jewel, Open FeliCa tag, DESFire)
  5. ISO/IEC 15693/ICODE VCD mode
  6. NFCIP-1, NFCIP-2 protocol
  7. ISO/IEC 14443A, ISO/IEC 14443B PICC mode designed according to EMVco PICC
  8. FeliCa PICC mode
  9. MIFARE PICC mode
From version 8.4.18 Door Tablet fully supports HiD cards. Using machines that read HiD is slightly different from standard NFC and is described here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'HiD'

Validate Compatibility
In order to check that your cards are compatible with the Door Tablet AIO do the following:
  1. Ensure the NFC features are turned on in the hardware. See here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Enable NFC hardware'
  2. Start the Door Tablet App on the AIO
  3. Login to your server (any server will do)
  4. Click on the Register NFC button

You are now ready to test your card
  1. Present your card at the bottom right corner of the AIO - make a note of the ID
  2. Repeat the process and present the card again - check the ID
If the ID remains the same, all is good and you are using a compatible card. If you travel to London try the Underground Oyster card - this is compatible too.