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Remote Config Tool

Why use remote configuration?

The remote configuration tool is used to configure a large number of devices. It can also be used to set up tablet settings such as:

  • Tablet time-zones and language
  • Updating both the firmware and APK
  • Connecting to your NTP server
and more

How to download the remote configuration tool

To download the remote configuration tool go to the downloads section of the website dashboard. The link to download it will be under "Door Tablet APK and Remote Config" as seen below:

Once it's downloaded you can launch it from the browser of your local machine, It will show as below:

Showing your devices through Remote Config:
For your devices to appear on the tool, enter the IP range of the devices and press scan. Once completed your devices will appear similar to this example:

Once your devices have been found by the tool you are free to configure them to your ideal set-up.