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Resource Res.

IBM/HCL Domino Only

Door Tablet expects you to create your meeting spaces in your corporate directory. When using Microsoft Exchange, the administrator will create rooms using Exchange Management Console (EMC) - see more here Database 'dt.HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Prepare Exchange'. In IBM/HCL Domino, the administrator will create rooms in the Resource Reservations database and these room will show in your Domino Directory too.

Using the Domino Resource Reservation database
The information provided here is very general and you should refer to the IBM Domino manuals for the complete details. If you wish to edit things such as room ownership, navigate to Resource Reservations and click on "Resources":

Double click on the meeting space you wish to edit. You will be directed to a page that looks like this:

Clicking on "Edit Resource" enables you to edit this page. Once you have edited the page click on "Save and Close":

The resource database is controlled by individual organisations; an administrator would follow the steps above, outside of organisational calendaring and scheduling.

Resource Reservation update
You will need to update the database in order to add welcome messages. See here Database 'dt.HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Change the reservations DB (Domino)'. From version 3.0 of Door Tablet you can add welcome messages to confirmed reservations via the Reservations on Calendar view of the Door Tablet UI.

Creating Reservations
You can quickly make reservations from your calendaring database. This is the standard resource reservation database. It's fully documented inside Domino.

You can quickly reserve a room in both databases by selecting "Quick Reservation" in the Notes client database.
The relevant pages look like this:

Records here will be automatically created by the people who are reserving meeting spaces from their mail systems or by ad-hoc reservations made from the tablets. If you wish to book a meeting space without going to the tablet, you can make direct reservations into the resource reservation database. Furthermore, to facilitate the welcome facilities, you will need access to the reservations in order to add the welcome messages and the graphics to go with them.

You will then see the following screen in the Notes Client:

You will need to either add the welcome message to the design or use our template. You can untick "public monitors" so that the welcome message only shows at the door if you have the welcome message on a TV.

The following picture is of an accepted and existing reservation. The majority of welcome messages will be added to existing reservations:

If you wish to make a reservation for a future date, speak to an administrator and ask them to make a reservation for the date you require.